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There is no agony like bearing an untold story inside you - Zora Neale Hurston

02 March 2010

First words out of my mouth...and they're lies

I have one week before my scientific grant is due at the university research office. One week. You know what I have so far? A two page outline.

Can you hear my heart beating really loud right now?

Moment of panic over. I'll be fine. There's tons of time, and the content of the outline and the gazillion research articles I read formulating it were the hard parts. The writing is easy.

I wish fiction writing was the same. Fiction writers not only have to come up with some great ideas and a believable plot, they have to weave a spell of words that draws the reader in and doesn't let them go until the last page. You can't simply say stuff; you have to say it well. On the upside, fiction is basically lying, which is tons of fun! Thus, I am giddy with delight at receiving the Creative Writer award from the sweet and lovely Niki over at Wool'n'Nuts. Even with a grant deadline looming, I've decided to come up for air and have a little fun.
The rules of this reward require me to post the pic (check), provide a link to the blog of the person who gave it to me (check--and thanks Niki!), pass it on to six other creative bloggers (will do in a second), and, the best part, tell six outrageous lies and one truth about myself. Here I am rubbing my hands with anticipation...
Six Lies, One Truth:
1. I was Homecoming Queen. I think it was because, somehow, I ended up dating the quarterback. He said he liked me for me, but I suspect it had something to do with him being dyslexic and in need of constant homework help.
2. I was bitten by a shark while snorkeling. It was a tiny one, and I lived of course, but I have a scar on my right ankle.
3. I skipped high school entirely and started college at the age of 14. I got lots of local media attention...until a 10 year old started his pre-law degree. Oh, the woe of a child prodigy--we grow up and younger prodigies steal our thunder.
4. I was standing by my dad's boat when, not three metres away, a killer whale rose onto the edge of the dock and swallowed a sunbathing sea lion whole! (btw this sea lion was bigger than me)
5. I won $10K on "Deal or No Deal" and used it to buy my bright green Mazda2 (I love that car).
6. When travelling through Greece, I thought I'd be able to pick up the language no problem; afterall, I'd studied ancient Greek in college. Turns out they're totally different languages. Thank goodness everyone spoke English.
7. My mother was drawn to rich men, marrying one after another, so I was always shipped off to my grandmother's so as not to cramp her style. At least she paid for college.
Can you guess which one was true?
Now, to pass it on to six other creative writers:
Tabitha at Through My Eyes
Tune in next time to learn whether Lorel's grant will be submitted in time, and if there is any truth to her lies...(It creeps me out referring to myself in 3rd person, so, don't worry, I won't do it again)


  1. Thanks so much! And...wow, writers are such good liars! It's hard to tell what *might* be the truth. I could be convinced that they were ALL true! But I'll go with the sea lion story. :)

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. Good luck with the grant writing!!

    Hmmm... I'm going to say the truth is the orca and the sea lion one - that would be scary and wild!!

  3. hmmm does Aussie have quarterbacks? Especially ones who are scared of monsters!! :o)

    I'll go with #2 the tiny shark bite! :o)

  4. Congratulations on receiving the award! And thank you so much for thinking of me!

    Wow your lies are really good! Only because I don't think it is the truth, I'm picking #3.

  5. Hmm. They all sound plausible. I was going to go with the sea lion one, but I'll say #1.

  6. I'm going with #6 as the truth. Final answer!

  7. Congrats on the award, and that's a fascinating bit of truth-fibbing. :)

    I'm stepping away from the blog award interplay due to time issues, but I appreciate it! You're listed on my awards page.

    Corra :)

    from the desk of a writer

  8. I love hearing everyone's guesses! I'll post the correct answer in a couple of days.

  9. Congratulations on the award. You are very good at this. I don't have a clue and won't even venture to guess. Looking forward to finding out which is true.

  10. Thanks for the blogger award~I think! LOL! I'm dying to know if #4 is true!

  11. I'm going with the shark--definitely the shark!

    And thank you for the award! I suppose it's time I anti-up and actually participate in this award. You'll make a liar out of me!