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26 January 2010

I Love Awards, Really

I've received two blog awards in the last couple of weeks from amazingly talented writers (Thank you Michele and Anne!!! ), who also happen to be beautiful people, and I'm not just saying that because they gave me an award. Check out their blogs if you don't believe me, or even if you do--they're worth your time.

But I haven't done my homework. I haven't been visiting new blogs that I can link to and fulfill my award duties. I haven't even been writing for my own blog! Therefore, I will likely be passing these awards on to people who've already won them. I know there are plenty of other wonderful blogs out there that haven't received an award, but I haven't discovered you yet. I'm sorry.

For the Bliss (Happy 101) Award I must list ten things that make me happy:

  1. my husband
  2. dark chocolate
  3. writing
  4. the utter relaxation of snorkelling and exploring an underwater world
  5. take off in a plane, especially if I'm going someplace new
  6. getting lost in a good book, game or DVD boxed set marathon
  7. kittens
  8. chocolate
  9. learning something new
  10. did I mention chocolate yet?
Now to pass it along to some cupcake-sweet people:

1. I know you just got this one Tabitha, but you deserve it for your beautiful posts
2. Anne, because I sense you are both a tough cookie and a sweetheart, and I like both!

3. I surmise from the manly blue colour scheme of Alan's blog that he won't be displaying this pink cupcake, but he's getting it anyway

4. Crystal gets this for making punctuation painless

5. I've recently discovered Lynnette's blog, but I'm enjoying her posts and this definitely will go with her colour scheme

6. Stephanie just finished her book. Congrats to her! She's probably feeling blissful right now

7. This one's for M.J. Here's hoping she'll come back soon and post some more

8. Emma for her infectious optimism and energy

9. I wanted Dezmond to get an award so he knows I really do read his posts every day, even though I don't comment (bad me)

10. Elizabeth really is the sweetest

Finally, the second, Silver Lining Award, which I have long coveted and am so grateful to get, goes to...

  1. Chasing Empty Pavements
  2. From the Desk of a Writer

  3. Help! I Need a Publisher!
  4. Elana Johnson
See? That was fun. I love passing on awards and plugging other people's blogs...I just don't like making hyperlinks (I know I must of messed up some because cntrl-v was on the fritz, so let me know and I'll fix it). Next time I promise to post about an award as soon as I get. I'll be good, I swear. Please don't leave me off of your award lists!

As I was writing this, I discovered Emma Michaels gave me an award (Thank you!!), and as promised I'm passing it along right this second.

1. Southern City Mysteries
2. Let's Try This Again
3. The Lipstick Chronicles
4. Terry's Place
5. Organized Chaos

My editing window freaked out on me a couple of times, and I lost my link to Blogger, but the lists are done and all has ended well. I have three new awards that I'm giddy over, and I hope I made some more blogger's just as pleased as me. Thanks again Michele, Anne and Emma, and congrats everyone!

Now, I really, really need to get back to work (bad me for blogging on a Thursday when I should be doing science)...


  1. Hey, thank you! Your awards are well-deserved!!

  2. Ah! Thank you so much!!! I will have to post who I am passing it along to tomorrow. THANK YOU!

  3. Aren't you sweet! Thanks so much, Lorel. And thanks for letting us find out more about you! I didn't know you snorkeled...cool!

    Mystery Writing is Murder
    Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen

  4. Thanks for the Blissy, Lorel!! Cupcakes are delicious in any color! Keep up the good blogging!

  5. First congrats on getting all those awards, and secondly thanks for giving me the pink cupcake :))
    I do believe you when you say you read my blog regularly. Most people read blogs, but don't have the time to write comments, that's perfectly understandable. Sometimes I'm not sure where do I personally find the time in my busy schedule to write posts for my blog, and not to mention reading other people's blogs and commenting.

    As you know, I have my own awards, but they are given out just once a year (as all other annual glamorous ceremonies :)) so if you will be a good girl till January 2011, Santa might bring you a HOLLYWOOD SPY AWARD :))

    Love, Dezz

  6. Elana, Emma, Elizabeth, and Alan (that's a lot of names that start with vowels, good character names too)--You are welcome! You all deserve it.
    Dezmond--Glad you believe me! And now I know what to ask Santa for next time :)

  7. Aw, thank you, Lorel!

    I'll get this posted on my award page and linked back to you immediately, and sometime in the next few days I'll have an awards day to announce it officially, along with some others.

    Thanks again, Lorel! So kind. :)

    - Corra

    from the desk of a writer

  8. Wow! That's quite a few awards to give out! LOL Thanks for the Happy award. I recently received it, so I won't post it again, but I will say I love to snorkel and swim in the ocean. Wish I could do it more often. AND I am not a chocolate lover, but I do like certain chocolate bars like Snickers and Caramilk.

    Thanks for visiting.

    Lynnette Labelle